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By NAH Technologies

Wound Tracker Professional

Wound Tracker Professional provides accurate, fast measurement, tracking, and organization of patient wound history right in the palm of your hand.     

This innovative application allows users to take photos, measure, and keep track of chronic wounds along the treatment course.

Users may add patient information, including patient name, Date of Birth, and Medical Record Number.  

Once a Patient is registered, users can take a photo of the patient’s wound and take an accurate and fast measurement of the wound, the application then calculates the area of the measured wound.

After a measurement is saved, users can review the wound along with the area corresponding to each date that a measurement was taken.  In case of multiple measurements, progression of the wound can be graphed for easy comparison.

If needed, summary of the entire patient history can be converted to a PDF file which the user may choose to upload, print, or email for medical record keeping.

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